• Koning's New User Interface

    Koning Breast CT (KBCT) is the first fully integrated, dedicated CT scanner designed specifically to image the entire breast, from the chest wall to the nipple, with high spatial and contrast resolution.

  • User Interface

    A new User Interface that will match the visual trends and ease the interaction between user and KBCT device.

  • IA

    Redefined Information Architecture for primary & secondary elements to keep a structured and organized layout.

  • Iconography

    Custom made icons for each element to teach and guide the user.

  • Wireframing

    Before diving into User Interface and Visual Design, the content hierarchy was made by creating a rough wireframe.

  • iPad Image

User Interface, Visual and Iconography Design

When the wireframe is approved, the process of User Interface design starts: Visual Direction, Iconography and Interactions.

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